New Album  Core

COLDFEETのNew Album Coreが8/14にRelease

8/14 COLDFEET New Album『Core』 RELEASE

8/14 (Wed) に20周年を記念するNew Album「Core」のReleaseが決定しました。


定価 2,500円(税別)8/14 発売予定

M1. How About Now
M2. Where Have You Been
M3. Do You Hate Me Now
M4. I’m Down M5. Killer Tune
M6. Drink You Up
M7. Coming To Life
M8. Making A Mouse
M9. Wrong Kind Of Brain
M10. Zero In
M11. More More More

品番 : BWCD005
POS NO : 4560255254444

Produced by COLDFEET

Lori Fine : Lyrics, Composition, Keyboards & Vocal
Watusi : Programming, Instruments & Mix
Mastered by Stuart Hawkes (Metropolis St. UK)

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